F2P Consultancy

I can help you with the design and product management of your F2P game. Here’s some of my services:

Deconstruction (aka Product Review)

A deep dive in to your game or your competitor’s game, highlighting key strengths and strategies for improvement.

Live Ops Planning

Creating a plan that includes new content, events, sales and other live ops features with minimal overheads.

Economy Management

Building, evaluating and improving your in-game economy.

One on One Mentorship

Working directly with product staff to improve their knowledge and skills in F2P design and product management.

Team Founding

Help with building out a product team; from hiring to defining culture that’s optimal for making great games.

Strategic Direction

Assistance in identifying opportunities and strengths before building strategies that utilise them.

Who I've Worked With
Suleman Ali

Will is one of the most creative, ambitious, thoughtful, and aggressive free-to-play game designers I’ve worked with.

Phil Mansell
CEO, Jagex

Will’s consultancy gave expert insights into the mobile market which helped accelerate our mobile product strategy. He assisted our teams in gaining knowledge and confidence in their mobile product design.

Wilhelm Taht
EVP Games, Rovio

I worked with Will both as Senior Product Manager for Angry Birds 2 and founding Product Lead at Rovio London. Will has fascinating instincts when it comes to F2P design: Very easy to discuss high-level or deep matters. I warmly recommend working with him.

Let's Chat

If you’d like to setup a discussion about consultancy then drop me a line.