Free-to-Play Review Round Up

Free-to-Play Review Round Up

With Free-to-Play: Making Money From Games You Give Away out a little while I wanted to round up and reflect the critical reception, which has been overwhelmingly positive.

The first professional review came‘s Jon Jordan who said:

Those already well-experienced in the field will enjoy Luton’s logic, if not learning much new. Everyone else – especially those just venturing into the business model – will get a good education.

Following from that 148 Apps’ Rob LeFebvre praised my call for F2P devs to “make a good game first” in his review, but identifies:

The message tends to get lost in the discussion of variable reward schedules (the same type of reinforcement schedule slot-machines are built on) and how to analyze key performance indicators.

Before concluding:
I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who develops games for iOS or other mobile platforms, as well as readers and writers who want to get a better grasp on the breakout phenomenon of the free-to-play genre. Luton has created a fantastic resource, here.

Game Sparks a cloud service says on their blog:

Will Luton’s book is a great starting point [on F2P].  It decodes a lot of the jargon so often bandied about and is a down to earth book that will equip the games designer with the fundamentals of what they need to think about… This is a ‘must read’.

Over on Amazon the book currently sits at a whopping 5 stars in both the UK and US and they’re not all from my mum.

Sam Witteveen said:

For anyone interested in game monetization, this is a must read.

Thorben Novais Silva Jensen:

Who still has any doubts about ‘Freemium’ should definitely have a look. The author has a clear vision on the subject and articulates very well all aspects on the matter.

Joah, despite a 5 star rating, claims:

The only thing I don’t like it so much is the fact that the author seems to only care for making as much money as posible from the player, but I suppose it’s expected from a book about money and free 2 play. I find it a little sad nevertheless, but the ebook is really flawless.

Ash says:

It’s a well written and well designed book, full of the key information you need to run a F2P game. Although a nice chunk of it I knew already, there was some good insights and examples I didn’t know that I can draw from going forward… I’ve spent a couple hundred pounds on different books, and this one has to be the most insightful.

Meanwhile on Goodreads Martin Linklater says:

Great book. Breaks down player motivations, design decisions, analytics and marketing for free to play games. Everyone in the games industry should read this one.

If you have reviewed the book, even if you hated it, I’d for your feedback, so please drop me a line.

Disclaimer: I have eschewed reviews from friends or family and, with the exception of Jon Jordan, I believe I have never met any of the individuals quoted.